New Year, New Crafts

I hope your New Year is off to an amazing start!! I am pleased to report that I spent most of New Year’s day crafting and watching movies (both luxuries in my busy schedule!), and it was absolutely perfect!  A much needed slow-paced day!  So, I’ve been searching for some completer pieces for my coffee table for quite some time now, and knew I wanted a tray of some sort.  On a recent trip to hobs lobs, I came across the cutest unfinished wooden tray, and it was just screaming for me to take it home and paint a chevron pattern on it.  So, that’s exactly what I did.  During my end of the year clean out, I found a glass vase in my cabinet that’s never been used.  I snapped a few rubber bands around it, sprayed a coat or two of spray paint on it, and voila, it’s completely repurposed into a unique candleholder to add to the coffee table! (p.s. It’s the turquoise-ish vase in the first pic)  Lastly, I painted a frame to hang my new goals in.  I’m a big believer in writing/typing your goals out and then posting them somewhere in your home or office as a constant reminder of what you are working towards. I really like this turquoisey blue so I decided to stick with it for the frame.     My goals are proudly hanging on my bathroom wall, this way I see them when I wake up and before I go to sleep.

And this wouldn’t be a beginning of the New Year post without me asking…. anyone out there make any resolutions?  I have to admit, instead of making resolutions I actually just revised my list of goals. Adjusting my goals to match who I’ve become over 2011 and what I want to accomplish in 2012 will hopefully help me excel personally, academically, and professionally.


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