Life Lately:: Intentions

Y’all are some of the most patient readers a gal could ask for.  I am back after yet another week long hiatus (no one ever said being a full time student and blogger would be easy)!  I spent a few days out-of-state, and am glad to be home and blogging once more!

My Life Lately::

The last semester of college is even more busy (in a good way) than I anticipated.  I’m having so many days that contain every emotion possible, this is strange for me because I’m not that much of an emotional girl.  I often tweet that my day has been “horrible, beautiful, lovely, disastrous, blessed.”  I know what y’all must be thinking… I’m a bit off my rocker.

Let me assure you these emotions just sort of piggy-back on every senior in college that I know.  Our days are long… 16 hours long, and our resting time is rare.  We get good news, we get bad news.  We go to class then work then meetings, while all the time praying for an interview or a call back. We dream of our future, we’re terrified of our future.  This all happens in one day.  This might seem like a nightmare to you, but I’ve never been so appreciative to feel so very alive. My life lacks routine, something I cherish so deeply, and instead proceeds like an infinite to-do list that is constantly interrupted by impatient Professor’s or demanding extra-curriculars.

Now, let me clarify by saying I am no sort of “survivor”.  My life is privileged and blessed.  I am a believer in sharing insight about your life in order for others to better understand you.  My heart has been heavy with the desire to share this with you… It feels good to get it all out.  I know that this is the only time in my life that will be this young and volatile, and I’m trying my hardest to savor every day.

Don’t feel shame if you need to take time and analyze your life. This is normal! All of our problems are important to us (no matter how minor or major they are).  Write down what you feel and how you cope with the everyday beauties and struggles that you encounter. I pray that y’all can look at your life and face many more beauties than struggles.

Look for good in every situation and you will find it, look for bad in every situation and you will find it, too.  It’s your choice which you dwell on.

It’s my personal intention to take every day in stride and appreciate each day (no matter how good or rotten it is) for the blessing that it truly is.  What are your intentions for living?


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