DIY:: Photo Wall

Happy Monday y’all!  I thought I’d kick things off this week with a little DIY project that takes any boring apartment/dorm wall to a whole new level!  I found inspiration for this project on Pinterest weeks ago, but wasn’t sure exactly how I’d incorporate this into my home space.  I live alone right now and use my living room as a place to display most of my photos of family and friends.  However, I’ll be adding a roommate to my apt this summer (woo hoo!) so I need to find another way to display all of my photos and leave the living room as a common space for the two of us.  My first thought… the photo wall!  I finally had some free time this weekend to work on it, and I’m pretty happy with the results.

< I apologize for my amateur photography 🙂 >

:: Photo Wall Tips ::

1. Choose a wall for your photo display and clean it off, otherwise the pictures won’t stick

2. Lay out your photos on a large surface as a mock up of what the wall will look like

3. Begin posting your photos on the wall.  I suggest using Command Strips, double sided tape, or sticky tack.  (if in doubt, ask your landlord for an approved hanging agent)

4. Use a ruler to measure the space between each photo to ensure even rows and columns.  In this photo, I used .5 in-between.


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