Fratty Finals Week Giveaway!

photo credit:: Southern Proper Facebook page

Hey y’all!! I am sooo excited to announce the first ever Fratty Finals Week:: A Week of Southern Proper giveaways!! Yes, you read that correctly a week of Southern Proper freebies! As a Southern Proper rep, I have a few products that I would love to share with my fellow Tigers and what better way than the last week of the semester! We’re all ready for finals to be over, but while they’re here let’s make them as frat as we can.  Starting on Monday there will be a different giveaway everyday with the biggest prize to come on Friday!

Here’s how the giveaway works:: The prize of the day will be featured right here on The Belle Blog. To enter, all you have to do is comment on the post with whatever information is asked.  There might be fun questions to answer or it might simply be your name.    All information you submit through wordpress will remain private.  The only part that will show on the blog is your first name and comment.  The winner(s) will be announed the following day.  I ask that only LSU students participate. Prizes will be for both ladies and gents.  Good luck to y’all and happy studying!! See ya on Monday!

Any inappropriate comments will deem the contributor ineligible and will not be published.  This is a blog for readers of all ages, let’s keep it that way. 


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