Fratty Finals Week:: Day 5

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Congrats my fratty friends, you’ve made it this far!  Finals week is wrapping up!  To celebrate the occasion, we’ve saved the best giveaway for last! Duh da duh… the ever-coveted Tiger Beau in navy.  Let me tell y’all that this beau is extremely rare to come by, so we were super excited when we were sent one to share with a lucky winner!  For a chance to win, comment below!  One lucky winner will be announced tomorrow!

Any inappropriate comments will deem the contributor ineligible for the giveaway.  This blog is for readers of all ages, let’s keep it that way! 


8 thoughts on “Fratty Finals Week:: Day 5

  1. I have two big LSU events coming up that this beau would catch lots of attention at. Help make me a true southern beau!

  2. I’m going to the Southeastern Conference convention May 31. I’d love to wear this there and rep southern proper and LSU to all the other schools.

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