photo credit: jesslc.com

You guys, the last six weeks of my life have been a complete whirlwind.  I’m still trying to catch my breath from it all.  After finals, graduating, moving out of state, and settling into an internship (where I travel most days) I have been somewhat overwhelmed.  But, honestly my life right now feels like the beginning of some really great adventure.  I couldn’t be more excited to see what the next few years of my life have in store.  There are big challenges coming my way (grad school, cpa exam, being an adult and all) but I can’t let any of that take away from what I am experiencing right now.

My excitement over the next few steps in life is an intentional emotion that I have to remind myself daily, sometimes hourly, to feel.  It’s much too easy to fall into those yuck and toxic thoughts and feel stress, anxiety, or fear.  But excitement is a much more fun way to look at life.  I’ve noticed that this new attitude allows me to sort of celebrate the little victories and blessings in life (i.e. safe commutes on crazy tx interstates).  Take a look at your life and choose the number one thing that stresses you out and try and turn it into something you can be excited over.  If you stress about debt, get excited about the steps you can take to pay it off.  If you are overweight, get excited about changing your diet/exercise routine.  The key to this is YOU, because only you can make the choice to have intentional thoughts.

As I’ve mentioned before, I really enjoy reading books, articles, and blogs about intentional living.  I’ve learned so much about this concept from blogger Jess over at makeundermylife.  She is an honest voice of a woman trying her best to live an intentional life.  If you haven’t already taken a look at her blog, I really encourage you to.

On a different note, I am so glad to share with y’all that I finally am back on my running kick!  After months of rest and physical therapy, I am slowly starting to run again.  Running has become such a big part of my life and I started to feel a bit crazy without it.  I will hopefully be able to start increasing my mileage in the next few weeks, but right now I am enjoying the one or two miles I can run pain free!


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