Life Lately, continued

Hellooooo! To all of you who have been patient with my sporadic absences from this blog, I appreciate you more than you know! I am hoping to start posting pretty regularly.  I am back in business in terms of technology.  My computer arrived yesterday afternoon, and I have been trying to catch up on school work ever since! But, I couldn’t wait any longer to get back on the blog! So, here’s a photo recap of my life lately:

Image 1

1.On January 2nd  I moved to Houston for another 10 week internship

2. My first day working in a sky-scraper

3. Bought the BEST yoga mat and started practicing again

4. Worked across the street from Nordstrom for two weeks (so awesome!)

5. Ate wayy too much Mexican food with lots of new friends

6. Moved back to Louisiana (sadly, I’m still unpacking…)

7. My fridge is filling up with sweet Save the Dates

8. Our family welcomed a beautiful baby girl

9. My dishwasher is revolting

Currently, I’m back at school finishing up my Master’s.  I’ll graduate this May and cannot wait to be finished!! Luckily, I had some free time toward the end of my internship and was able to try out some new recipes and craft a few things that I am super excited to share with you!  I think it’s about time to take a break from the busy day and go outside to enjoy this beautiful Spring day!

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