A Little Encouragement

I read this post from fellow blogger Val Marie and knew this was something worth sharing. Click on the image below to read her inspirational post on patience, love, and trusting in God’s plan.

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Sew It

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So, I’ve been on a bit of a “waste-less, reuse more” kick lately.  It all started when I got sick of buying and carrying cases of water from my car to my apartment (I’m not lazy y’all, it’s a pretty long hallway). I bought a CamelBak Eddy (which is my absolute favorite bottle) and have never looked back on buying water.  This sort of had a snowball effect and I started searching for more things in my daily routine that I could swap for a reusable option.  One of the next things that needed to go was the big drawer full of plastic zipper bags.  I mean how inefficient is it to use a zipper bag for one, maybe two uses and then toss it?  Ridiculous, if you ask me.  I decided to search the blogosphere for an alternative to the zipper bag, and was so elated when I found this tutorial.  I decided to put my sewing skills to use and try and make my own.  Y’all it was wayyy easier than I could have imagined! And I’ll be honest, I am a terrible seamstress.  I made a set of four and plan on making a few more.  I use these baggies daily.  I can throw in my snacks for class, pack them in my bag, and throw them in the wash when I get home. They’re not meant for wet items like fruit, but work great for dry snacks and sandwiches. This week I was so excited when my friends commented on how cute they were!

DIY:: Photo Wall

Happy Monday y’all!  I thought I’d kick things off this week with a little DIY project that takes any boring apartment/dorm wall to a whole new level!  I found inspiration for this project on Pinterest weeks ago, but wasn’t sure exactly how I’d incorporate this into my home space.  I live alone right now and use my living room as a place to display most of my photos of family and friends.  However, I’ll be adding a roommate to my apt this summer (woo hoo!) so I need to find another way to display all of my photos and leave the living room as a common space for the two of us.  My first thought… the photo wall!  I finally had some free time this weekend to work on it, and I’m pretty happy with the results.

< I apologize for my amateur photography 🙂 >

:: Photo Wall Tips ::

1. Choose a wall for your photo display and clean it off, otherwise the pictures won’t stick

2. Lay out your photos on a large surface as a mock up of what the wall will look like

3. Begin posting your photos on the wall.  I suggest using Command Strips, double sided tape, or sticky tack.  (if in doubt, ask your landlord for an approved hanging agent)

4. Use a ruler to measure the space between each photo to ensure even rows and columns.  In this photo, I used .5 in-between.

Catching Up

Coffee is brewing, laundry is washing, and I am settling down to do a little blogging… What a lovely Friday!  I gave in and took today off of work to catch up  on life.  All of my housework and homework have been piling up into a mountain in my mind and in my apartment.  Today is the day things will be crossed off of my to-do list!  With two exams next week, I need this day off more than I originally thought.

And I can’t forget to mention… HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the greatest friend a girl could ask for!  I hope you have the best day today Sarah!  I can’t wait to celebrate tonight!

To-Do:: Getting it Done

Yet another busy week ahead!  With lots on my to-do list, I can’t spare any time procrastinating or worry about not getting everything done.  It’s so easy to become overwhelmed when we are faced with lots of tasks to complete in a small amount of time or if we are challenged by a big goal.  Remember, there’s no use in spending time worrying or feeling anxious about everything you have to do.  Instead, get up and start working, taking each task one at a time.  Find confidence as you check each item off of your list! You’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish!