I Can’t Help Dreaming of…

I can’t help dreaming of a life on a farm. I don’t if it’s the allure of living on a remote piece of land, the simplicity of a quaint farm house, or the possibilities of self-sufficient living, but I’ve been finding myself day dreaming (ok, may all-day dreaming is more like it) of living in the country.  Any by the looks of these farm houses, can you blame me?


DIY:: Photo Wall

Happy Monday y’all!  I thought I’d kick things off this week with a little DIY project that takes any boring apartment/dorm wall to a whole new level!  I found inspiration for this project on Pinterest weeks ago, but wasn’t sure exactly how I’d incorporate this into my home space.  I live alone right now and use my living room as a place to display most of my photos of family and friends.  However, I’ll be adding a roommate to my apt this summer (woo hoo!) so I need to find another way to display all of my photos and leave the living room as a common space for the two of us.  My first thought… the photo wall!  I finally had some free time this weekend to work on it, and I’m pretty happy with the results.

< I apologize for my amateur photography 🙂 >

:: Photo Wall Tips ::

1. Choose a wall for your photo display and clean it off, otherwise the pictures won’t stick

2. Lay out your photos on a large surface as a mock up of what the wall will look like

3. Begin posting your photos on the wall.  I suggest using Command Strips, double sided tape, or sticky tack.  (if in doubt, ask your landlord for an approved hanging agent)

4. Use a ruler to measure the space between each photo to ensure even rows and columns.  In this photo, I used .5 in-between.

Outdoor Living

Bluff Plantation traditional porch
The Front Door / Dwayne Carruth mediterranean porch
Historic Restoration and Preservation traditional patio
So if you haven’t discovered houzz.com you are missing out!! This website is turning me into “one of those girls” who’s already planning their future home. I can’t help it! Between houzz and pinterest, dreamers like me are only being more enabled. Spring, (more like summer, we skip a season) is practically here in southern Louisiana and outdoor living is on my mind, and that means lots of grilling out and poolside relaxation!


I’ve been looking for a rug for my place for quite some time.  As soon as I find one that I think I like, I find another that I like better… There are just so many to pick from.  I think I have the toughest time picking a style: traditional, modern, or rustic.  I think a room shouldn’t ever be matching. Instead, a room should have a style that more or less “goes together” and it takes me forever to decide what style my space has. However, I have a feeling that my future home {even if it’s the man cave} will have a cowhide rug like the one above!  There’s just something about it I love!