Weekend Finds

Hello my lovely readers!  I apologize for my lack of posts lately, but school elections are finally over and I once again have time to blog!  So, during my trip home this weekend I stopped by one of my favorite stores, Paul Michael Company.  Here are some pics of what I found.  More and more I am noticing that thick, unfinished, faux-antique wooden furniture pieces are making a resurgence in the interior decor market.  Almost every piece in PMC was in this style.  And they were absolutely incredible! Take one of these dramatic, oversized pieces and make it the inspiration of your home decor project, it’s sure to add style, charm, and a sense of history to your space.

Have a great week!



Falling for Fall

More beautiful flowers at Whole Foods!  I just can’t help but take pictures of them when I’m there! These beautiful autumn colors in combination with the incredible weather outside make me so ready for fall!  What a great week of weather in Southern Louisiana, hopefully it is here to stay!  Fall is one of the most beautiful seasons (well at least I think it is)! The dark hues of reds, oranges, and browns that emerge as the leaves change colors serve as natural inspiration for a household color makeover!  Spruce up your kitchen, dining table, or living space with some autumn-ish colored accessories (decorative kitchen towels, throw pillows, or DIY artwork)!  One or two small pieces can take your space and make it ready for the new season!



Paul Michael Company

This display was so incredibly amazing!!  The bright reds, blues, and greens will be the inspiration for the rest of my living room decor!

Beautiful for fall!  I love the basic use of weave baskets, glass jugs, and wooden sculptures!

These are some of the new additions to my apartment!! I bought some this weekend and will get the rest next weekend!

While I was in Lafayette this weekend, I stopped by one of my favorite stores Paul Michael Company.  The best thing about Paul Michael is that they always have new merchandise, in fact, you won’t go to the store two days in a row and see the exact same things.  Plus, everything is more than reasonably priced!

I spent a few hours looking around for stuff for my apartment and found more than I needed!  I actually made a second trip to shop a bit more!  I had to take pictures of some of the displays!  They were too gorgeous to pass up! If you happen to pass through Lafayette, I encourage you to stop by!

Inspiration In Bloom

Whole Foods has the most incredible selection of fresh cut stems!  While grocery shopping today, I was distracted by all of the beautiful flowers!  I couldn’t help myself, I had to snap a few pics!  There’s something so refreshing about flowers, they’re a bit exciting and very peaceful!  Inspiration can be found in the littlest things in life!  What inspires you?


Barbara Conner is a native of my hometown Lafayette, LA and is the designer of her self-titled jewelry line, Barbara Conner Jewelry. Her designs are classic and simple, and can compliment any ensemble.  The line includes necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that feature hand selected freshwater, south sea, and tahitian pearls fashioned on leather cords.  Barbara Conner Jewelry can be found in high end retailers across the country.  Visit BarbaraConnerJewelry to find out where you can purchase her creations and read more about her story, it’s truly inspirational.