Happy One Year!!

Today is the one year anniversary of The Belle (whew, that flew by)!  And what better way to celebrate than with a brand new issue of my favorite magazine?!  The newest installment of the oh-so-lovely Matchbook Magazine is now LIVE!! Click on the issue above to enjoy! I’d like to take a second to say thanks to all of my precious readers who make this little project of mine possible!  Y’all overwhelm me with your support and enthusiasm! This has been a great year and I look forward to several more to come!



sugar paper

*Sorry y’all! This was suppose to have been posted a lonnnng time ago! What can I say sometimes life gets the best of us!

Sugar Paper LA was recently featured in Matchbook magazine and is one of my “favorite finds”. Their simple and elegant stationery collections embody the beauty and tradition of letter writing.  If you’re in the market for stationery and want something a little luxurious and a little special, look no further than Sugar Paper.  They accommodate all styles, colors, patterns, and best of all budgets! Visit Sugar Paper here! And click on the picture above to read the latest issue of Matchbook magazine!


Strike a Match

My newest online obsession MatchbookMag is a must-read online magazine!  So refreshingly simple and classic you’ll find yourself bookmarking this digital treasure so that you can become inspired over and over again!!  The editor’s picks are completely fabulous!  For a book nerd like myself, I can’t help but love all of these literary style pieces!  And what’s not to love about the flare of little English-inspired trinkets??  Let’s face it, it’s Kate and William’s year and we’re just living in it.  Looks like the English are back in style– I’m not quite sure if they were ever out– and I definitely love it!!

Happy Monday!