Adore Home: featuring Made by Girl

The newest edition of Adore Home Magazine is on virtual newsstands today and features one of my favorite bloggers, Jen Ramos of Made by Girl! This issue is jam packed with some great ideas for decorating any living room space no matter how grand or small!  Plus, there are some really great ads that can take you to some amazing online shopping! Click on the picture above to read!






Must Read

A new read for your new Monday! Take a break from your busy day and check out this fabulous online mag!  Make sure to bookmark it, you’ll be sure to go back for seconds!!



Strike a Match

My newest online obsession MatchbookMag is a must-read online magazine!  So refreshingly simple and classic you’ll find yourself bookmarking this digital treasure so that you can become inspired over and over again!!  The editor’s picks are completely fabulous!  For a book nerd like myself, I can’t help but love all of these literary style pieces!  And what’s not to love about the flare of little English-inspired trinkets??  Let’s face it, it’s Kate and William’s year and we’re just living in it.  Looks like the English are back in style– I’m not quite sure if they were ever out– and I definitely love it!!

Happy Monday!


Style Gratification


For the latest in all things fashion, style, and home decor, look no further than your web browser!  One of the newest trends is online style magazines!  And what’s not to love about that?  They’re completely free for online viewing and are loaded with the most amazing ideas from the newest interior decor to seasonal table-scapes!  My fav reads are Lonny!Rue, and Adore!  All three have a subscription feature so you’ll be the first to know when the newest issues are published!  Ready to be inspired??