Weekend Fête:: Chevron + Citrus Deco

Hey  y’all!  On this rainy Friday afternoon, I have my mind set on the lovely weekend ahead, I’m sure you do, too!  Throughout this week’s blog reads and pinned finds, I’ve become even more intrigued by the simple yet sophisticated chevron pattern and it’s endless style possibilities! In bright citrus colors, like the tablescape above, a chevron pattern can be fun and playful- perfect for any seasonal soiree’.  I would definitely like to see some new chevron pretty additions to my apartment in the near future…

For more chevron-inspiration check out (tip: use the search box!):

* camillestyles.com

* designsponge.com

* loxpapers.com



Weekend Fête Inspiration:: Ribbons + Color

photo by Nate Henderson

Inspiration for a party can take any form.  Take a look at how ordinary ribbons made this tablescape completely stylish!  Simple elements like this will take your event to the next level.  Instead of feeling like a cookie cutter themed party, your event will feel like something that was created just for you! You don’t have to search far, just take a look around you- inspiration is everywhere!

Weekend Fête Inspiration

Pink linens + Roses + Tea kettles makes for the most perfect garden tea party! I love how the tablescapes are kept simple, allowing for the roses and pink linens to really stand out. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up on the small details of decorating an event, but sometimes sticking to one central decor element, like roses, really brings cohesiveness to an event that decor-wise may feel a little all over the place. In this case, less is definitely more! This not-so-themed garden tea party is quaint, simple, yet so whimsical! I just can’t wait for the day when I’m hosting my own little parties for my family and friends! You can bet I’ll find a way to incorporate elements of this event into one of my own!