The tragedy that took place today at the Boston Marathon leaves me somewhat speechless.   As both a runner and a spectator, I took this tragedy to heart. I’ve been to over a dozen races ranging from 5Ks to Marathons, some of which I ran in, while in others I supported my family members who were running.  I couldn’t help but think of my family, what if it had been us.  If this was a terror attack, it was the most brutal kind.  Attacking innocence and simplicity.  No one was making a political statement, no one was declaring a religious claim, no one was being discriminated against.  There are no words that man can say that will ever explain the events that took place today.  It is at a time like this, a time of uncertainty and a little fear, that we must not put our faith in the government or in the evening news.  These things will not protect us or comfort us.  Turn to the Lord for comfort and compassion.  Turn to the Lord for answers and healing.  Pray everyday for peace in our world and for the victims and the families of victims of acts of violence and terror.